Architecture and Art


How we live and the things we see affect our aesthetic desires.  Architecture from Gothic to Post Modernism contains elements that can be incorporated into any design.

Architecture and Art Periods

1150-1450 Gothic

1450-1500 Early Renaissance

1500-1550 High Renaissance

1550-1600 Late Renaissance

1600-1730 Baroque

1730-1770 Rococo

1770-1840 Neo Classicism

1840-1895 Revivalism

1895-1910 Art Nouveau

1910-1980 Modernism

From 1980 Post Modernism

Athens, Greece

Chichen Itza

Noto, Italy

Trinity College

La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

Lecce Baroque

Rome, Italy Colosseo

Lecce, Italy

Rome, Italy Navona