Fee Schedule

Design and Drafting Fee Schedule

  • Living Areas $2.00 – $2.50 per square foot
  • Garage/Porches/Decks/Basements $1.00 – $1.75 per square foot
  • Home Additions flat rate determined per project
  • Additional meetings and changes time fee of $60 per hour
  • Plan Mirror $250

It is intended that the parties will have four face-to-face meetings, including the initial consultation.  Dazign, Inc.’s compensation in the following section has been determined based on the assumption of the following four meetings.  Dazign, Inc. reserves the right to charge Owner $60 per hour for additional meetings requested by Owner.

1.         Initial Consultation

a.         The initial consultation is free.  If Owner decides to hire Dazign, Inc., then Owner shall, at the conclusion of the initial consultation, pay to Dazign, Inc. a down payment and follow payment terms per the agreed and signed contract.

2.         Preliminary Floor Plan Review

3.         Complete Floor Plan Review

a.         Last opportunity for Owner to make revisions without paying additional compensation to Dazign, Inc.

4.         Final Review

a.         Owner shall pay to Dazign, Inc. $60 per hour for revisions following final review.

These rates above do not include out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Dazign, Inc. with respect to this Agreement, which shall be additional charges to the rates above.  Expenses may include items such as prints, postage and shipping, copy reproductions, engineering fees, consultation fees, travel costs, and any other out-of-pocket expense incurred by Dazign, Inc. with respect to this Agreement.


Dazign, Inc. is committed to professional relationships and contracts.  To help establish a clearer understanding of expectations throughout the design process we have written a design services agreement.  Please contact Dazign, Inc. for a copy.